Mandarin (Chinese)

the main language the state and education of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Mandarin is one among five major regional languages of China. Mandarin is spoken by over 800 million people across the world, exceeding all other language. Standard Mandarin is one among the six official languages at the United Nations.

Mandarin is written with Chinese characters called Hànzì (漢字 or 汉字) which accurately means "Han characters". Each Hànzì has its own pronunciation and meaning. An ordinary dictionary will contain about 10,000 characters.

The Hanzi are pictograms: each pictogram means one idea. The various concepts are derived from the ideograms by combining them. Mandarin is also written phonetically (that is: written the way it is spoken) with the Latin alphabet as you actually cannot see the spelling from Hanzi characters. That is called transliteration. The most popular transliteration system is called Pinyin.

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